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1. High pressure portable biogas plant – 2022 

Portable high-pressure biogas plants are simple to produce and easy to set up, offering high-pressure biogas delivery.

2. Geo membrane gas collector with pressure booster – 2021 

The utilization of a pressure-boosted geo-membrane gas collector will cu down on both the construction time and expenses related to biogas plants incorporating this innovative technology. 

3. Biogas plant assembling kit – 2020 

This invention helps any one to install/manufacture biogas plants with minimum skill and knowledge about biogas plants.

4. Skid mounted biogas plant – 2019 

This type of biogas plant is fully prefabricated and transportable from one location to other. The treatment capacity of the plant can be increased through the incorporation of more modules of digesters.

5. Composter Garden – 2018 

Composter garden is designed to address multi issues at a time like organic waste treatment cultivation of vegetable or fancy plants and also for the management of treated slurry.

6. RCC Digester with membrane gas collector-BIOTECH model – 2017

This biogas plant is compact and suitable for above ground level and below ground level installation.

7. Telescopic pressure control system – 2016 

This system will maintain the discharge pressure of biogas from the membrane gas collector of small and medium size biogas plants.  

8. Treated slurry collection tank with slurry loop system – 2015 

Specially designed prefabricated outlet tank made of fiberglass for the collection of treated slurry from the digester before flowing  to the ground.

9. Mosquito free biogas plant – 2014 

Portable biogas plant with integrated geomembrane gas collector. It is capable of preventing mosquito growth in the gap between the digester and the gas collector. Facilities are also available for regulating the high pressure generated inside the plant, and also for allowing the gas to reach the stove even with the high pressure. 

10. Anaerobic septic tank-Version 2 – 2013 

Method and devise for generating biogas from human excreta through anaerobic process using specially designed septic tank. 

11. Pressure booster for small capacity biogas plants – 2012 

Method and device for maintaining the required pressure at the gas utilization point with automatic high pressure control.

12. Automatic Slurry temperature controlling system – 2011 

Method for maintaining the required temperature of the bio materials inside the digesters in cold climatic regions. 

13. Foldable pre fabricated Biogas plant – 2011 

The pre fabricated plants enable the installation of domestic bio energy plants within few hours, avoiding the need for a skilled mason. 

14. Anaerobic pre digester with flexible gas collector – 2011

Method and devise for collecting biogas and treated solid materials from anaerobic pre digester. 

15. Hydraulic non return valve – 2010 

Method and devise for transferring biogas from different digesters to the centralized gas collector without high pressure formation, in the digesters and gas collector. 

16. Bio gas purifying system – 2010

Method and devise for removing unwanted particles and gases from the bio gas produced through cost effective methods.

17. Module type multistage biomethanation plant – 2009 

Method and devise for generation of maximum quantity of biogas from organic waste materials by the introduction of multi stage digestion process. 

18. Anaerobic pre digester – 2009 

Method and devise for preventing acidity and scum formation in anaerobic digesters and for easy recovery of treated solid fertilizer.

19. Anaerobic septic tank – 2009

Method and devise for generating bio gas from human excreta through anaerobic process using specially designed septic tank. 

20. Pre fabricated RCC domestic digesters – 2008 

The prefabricated digesters help to complete the installation of a domestic bio energy plant with in 4 hours. There is no need of a skilled mason.

21. Slurry recycling system – 2008  

This helps the treatment plant to work as a zero discharge one. The use of fresh water can also be minimized. The efficiency of the digesters is also improved.

22. Pre digesters for waste to energy projects – 2007 

Pre digesters prevent formation of scum inside the digester. Treated manure recovery is also made very easy through the adoption of this system.

23. De humidifier for power generation projects – 2007

The humidity in the bio gas produced can be eliminated with the help of this system through refrigeration method. 

24. Integrated waste management plant – 2006 

In this plant different technologies are applied in a single plant for effective disposal of all types of waste. The accumulation of non treated waste is completely avoided.

25. Bio-Cinerator for dry bio solid waste disposal – 2005

Bio-cinerator helps to dispose off slow degradable bio waste materials through incineration using bio gas as the operational fuel. The heat produced through this process is used for heating water. 

26. Pre fabricated fixed dome digesters – 2004 

Pre fabricated fixed dome digester plants help to minimize the installation time especially in water logged and slum areas. In this design the gas is collected and stored in separate gas collection devices. 

27. Pre conditioner for bio waste treatment plant – 2003

Pre conditioner helps to reduce the size of feed material for better performance.

28. Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) scrubber for Bio gas plant – 2002

This invention helps to eliminate formation of hydrogen Sulphide from Biogas on a continuous basis. 

29. Biogas filling system – 2000 

With the help of this system, Bio gas can be filled in cylinders without much expense.

30. Portable Bio waste treatment bio gas plant – 2000 

Portable plants enable the users to install the plants anywhere on the ground or in the roof top of the house without much effort. 

31. Cooking gas from domestic food waste –  1998

Through a process developed, cooking gas could be generated from domestic food waste with out the regular use of cow dung or bacteria culture