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Project in the Republic of Yemen

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Dr. A. Sajidas, Founder of Biotech India, serves as the International Biogas Consultant in the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, Republic of Yemen. National biogas digester project funded by the World Bank and the Govt. of Japan As per this assignment he is rendering the following services to the Republic of Yemen Creating awareness on the communities, building partnerships with local authorities and private sector for promoting the biogas opportunities for the development of the country. Providing Training for capacity building to decision makers, implementing agencies and communities on biogas implementation, designing, operation and maintenance as sustainable tool for scaling up poverty alleviation and climate change in the rural targeted villages. Engaging policy makers and private sector for scaling-up and promotion of biogas digesters. 

Reviewing and implementing biogas digesters work plan in selected villages of the rural communities in the Republic of Yemen. Inspect different locations to find out the possibility for the installation of appropriate biogas digesters. Design proper models of biogas digesters to meet the actual requirement of general public.